Why Your Business Should Be Using Facebook?

Facebook is the largest social media platform of them all. The majority of businesses are starting to do the right thing by getting themselves on there now so they can access a great platform for communicating a marketing to their customers.

However, there are still a number of businesses who are yet to realise the opportunity that there is with getting themselves onto Facebook, which is extremely surprising. So with this post I hope to outline a number of reasons as to why your business should be making use of the biggest social media platform out there.

  • The first and most obvious point is the fact that it’s a free platform to use. So really there’s no reason to not start your own Facebook business page, it only takes a couple of minutes to set up and straight away you’ll have another channel for communicating and marketing to your customers. As well as this, your customers have another channel to contact you with that will help to better their customer experience with yourself. It gives your customers a hassle free easy way of finding everything out about your business to be able to come to your establishment or make a purchase online.
  • You have the opportunity using your business Facebook page to administer a number of campaigns for which you can get quality qualified leads who you can contact outside of Facebook via the likes of email marketing campaigns of SMS marketing. To get these campaigns you could for example set up a giveaway to your customers of a free product or service of a discount code that they can use when they come to your establishment.
  • When you have a Facebook page for your business, you will have access to the Facebook Insights of your page. This can help you to understand better who your customer avatar is. You can understand what posts reach more of your audience and then go all in on these posts so you are catering to your audience exactly what they would want to see from you with your businesses posts on Facebook.
  • We will go more in-depth with this on a future blog post which we will link up here when it is written. Facebook has the most in-depth and highly targeted advertising platform out there, which for ad buyers is relatively inexpensive with budgets per day starting as low as £5/$5 per day to allow you to start putting ads in front of a targeted audience. The targeting on Facebook’s advertising platform is like no other, allowing you to laser target your ads towards those who are just like your average customer.
  • With the rising use of mobile phones among consumers for keeping up to date with what they are doing in their life and making purchases online, Facebook caters perfectly to this shift. Most users of Facebook are on their phone, so it gives you the opportunity to easily connect with them.

I hope this helps you to understand the opportunity that your business is missing out on if it’s not on Facebook. Or if your business is on Facebook but inactive, helps you to understand the opportunity that you are letting pass you by.

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