Why Your Business Needs to Include Snapchat in its Marketing Strategy

With over 4 billion Snaps sent per day it can certainly be said that Snapchat is a platform with attention and one where your business should be implementing a campaign in terms of its marketing strategy. With 249 million daily active users who on average spend over 30 minutes per day on the platform, there is certainly a large addressable market with users in your niche and area who will be making use of the platform, it’s just up to you to reach these people and introduce them to the right type of content.

If your business targets younger audiences such as Millennial and Gen Z users, Snap could really be a great platform for you to make use of. As of Q3 2020, just under half (48%) of all US internet users (Snapchat’s main market) aged between 15 and 25 used the platform. This is a really intriguing statistic and shows the true popularity of Snapchat’s platform among Millennial and Gen Z users, if you can get your profile and stories in front of them and present your product offering to them in a compelling way there is a real chance to build some great brand awareness and make sales for your company using Snapchat’s platform.

One of the real benefits for using Snapchat is the organic reach that your profile is able to get compared to other social platforms. If someone follows you on Snapchat then your post will come up on your followers feed as a story that they have yet to see. Compare that to other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram where organic reach is a lot harder due to ads being priority in terms of business posts shown and organic business posts get pushed down the News Feed or not shown at all. Snapchat shows a real opportunity for businesses to get cheaper marketing where attention is. If you can find a way to get more people to add your Snap whether that be through having a snap code for your business up in your premises or on your leaflet/business card, or posted regularly on your other social media, the more adds you get on the platform the more people you will have consume your content. Where the organic discovery of users is more from adding usernames, snapcodes or the quick add feature a lot of users friend counts on Snapchat is a lot lower than other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. As a result you won’t have as many other users to compete with for that users attention and therefore your more likely to get your stories seen by the end user.

Another interesting feature of the Snapchat platform that could be of benefit to businesses is the Our Story features and filters. With the Our Story feature, you can essentially post your private story from your account out publicly onto a story that is group with other Snappers in the same location or talking about the same topic. This means that if you can make compelling posts about your business to put onto the Our Story feature, it could lead to more brand awareness for your business potentially lead that user to find out more about who your business is. Furthermore the platform now offers businesses the opportunity to create their own custom filters for the platform which can be really great and useful for branding. Say if your business has an important event coming up, say something for charity, an open day or other form of event, you can make your own snapchat filter that attendees of the event can use to post on their story. Through doing this you will be able to get on all these users stories which as explained before can get your business a huge amount more brand awareness and lead more people to want to find out more about your business.

The use of influencer marketing is getting bigger and bigger and it’s becoming hugely important in the digital marketing industry. Snapchat as a platform presents another opportunity for influencers and brands to connect for promotion. If you can partner with key influencers on the Snap platform to help your business, you can really raise your profile and get more adds on the platform which in turn can lead to you getting that higher organic reach as a business on the platform in the long term.

Snapchat’s platform also provides a unique opportunity through posting stories to really give users an idea of what goes on at your business and show a human side to itself. You can really show a light hearted side to your business and show some office culture through snaps whilst also being serious at the same time and using the stories feature to educate your audience on what you do as a business as well as of course attempting to make sales.

Like all social media platforms Snapchat also presents another point of contact between you and your customers and another place for you to carry out customer service on a platform that is on mobile for users and potentially allows them to get a quicker response than emailing you as a company. It’s always important to remember the importance of good customer service, provide good customer service and users will have no problem raving about your business on their social media profiles giving you more brand awareness and most importantly sending more followers your way.

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