Why Your Business Needs to Be Taking Advantage of Instagram as Part of it’s Marketing Strategy

Instagram for the last few years has consistently been arguably the hottest social media platform out there and the one where users attention is predominantly at. Facebook acquired Instagram back in 2012 for $1bln, the biggest acquisition they had ever made, they done this for a reason. They realised that Instagram was their biggest threat to the market due to the fact it was pioneering the way in mobile photo sharing and enabled brands to experience viral growth and awareness on mobile.

Today Instagram boasts over 500 million daily active users and 1 billion monthly active users, since it’s inception over 50 billion photos have been shared and on average 100 million posts are shared everyday on the platform. So clearly a lot of attention is paid to this platform, especially by millennials who dominate the use of the platform. Marketing is all about putting your brand where your target customers attention is going to be and in the case of the modern generation, the majority of people who pick up their phones will proceed to scroll down their news feed on Instagram. So, if your business can go about putting a meaningful valuable piece of content in front of them on Instagram it can really go a long way and help you to either build up a relationship with them as a brand or even lead to sales and therefore revenue which is most businesses end goal with their marketing.

One of the main attractions for businesses and agencies taking their clients to build their profiles on Instagram is that it’s quite an organic platform. This means it’s fairly easy to grow and get yourself discovered on the platform if you put out the right content that your audience will be looking for and then know how to get it in front of them in the first place. One of the simple ways you can get your posts in front of the right people is by putting relevant hashtags in your posts. This will get your posts to get categorised under different hashtags in the search function which should put you in front of new viewers who are relevant to your page. As you build up your profile it will help you to build up social proof to your audience and gain credibility as an authority in your niche and that is what you should be looking to achieve with your profile, having the image of an authority. A great way of accelerating your pages growth is through using Instagram influencers, these are profiles with high levels of following and engagement. You can make use of their profiles by contacting them and get your page promoted by theirs. This does cost money however it can be an investment well spent as it can possibly drive you a lot of followers as well as revenue for your business if the promotion is used for your page and in turn your product.

Since the launch of Instagram stories back in August 2016, it has provided a great way for businesses to provide their followers with a real insight of what goes on with their business on a daily basis. Story viewers really want to see a human side of businesses who they follow, it lets them get a greater understanding of what you do each day and what goes into fulfilling your product/service. So it’s another great way of building up brand relationships with viewers and can help to lead to sales down the line.

Instagram have also launched the shoppable posts feature, this allows buyers to complete their journey from product discovery to purchase all within the app. This means it’s an easier direct way for your business to make sales on its profile if it is a product based business such as clothing, or accessories it’s an easy way to push for sales of these products.

Following on from this like all other social media platforms it’s another great way of providing a way of engagement with your clients. Users can comment on your posts and engage with you through direct message. As Instagram is a mobile platform it’s much more convenient for them to contact you over and its a platform that forms part of your normal day so your making it easier for them to deal with you.

Instagram like other platforms is a great way of monitoring your competition and seeing how they are posting and what posts their engaging with as well as the ways they are promoting their products. You can take influence from how they are going about things and then improve on what they do too with the way you go about promoting your products.

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