Why You Need to Be Using LinkedIn For Business

LinkedIn right now is a really important platform that not a lot of businesses are taking advantage of. Right now the platform has great potential for organic reach that businesses need to start taking advantage of before it’s too late. Right now LinkedIn has over 720 million users in 200 countries across the world, so there will definitely be users on the platform that will have an interest in your business and the services/products that you provide. In this post we’re going to run through just a few of the benefits using LinkedIn can bring to your business.

  1. Firstly the platform is an amazing place for you to network with people in your niche as well as with potential clients. The whole point of LinkedIn as a platform is for connecting with likeminded professionals in your field as well as other fields so by getting your own personal profile as well as a business page will allow you to start connecting with new users who you haven’t met before so you can start establishing professional relationships that can be mutually beneficial to both parties.
  2. To go along with the networking aspect, LinkedIn is a great place for your business to meet and hire new talent. You can use the LinkedIn job board to advertise any vacancies that your business may have. Where this is a social network, people have the ability to share these vacancies with people in their network who may be suited to the role so that they can apply. So it is potentially a place where you can meet talent that you may have not necessarily met by posting out a job vacancy with a hiring site.
  3. On LinkedIn your business can make use of it’s filtered search filter. This can be particularly advantageous if your business is a B2B company, you can search for people you need to connect with in other companies as part of the sales process through filter search, you can filter based on job and what company they are at etc. This can be really helpful and aid you in making sales
  4. As said previously you can crate a page for your company on LinkedIn and one of the great benefits of this is being able to create valuable/sharable content for your audience. You can create normal posts or write long form LinkedIn articles, you can create SlideShare’s to post out, infographics, videos and much more. All of these forms of posting on LinkedIn have great scope for organic reach with the discoverability that the platform allows, so if you are looking for a platform where it’s easy for your content to get discovered LinkedIn is the place for you.
  5. As there is the feature for business pages on LinkedIn it is likely that some of your competition will have a LinkedIn page, this means it’s another way for you to check on what your competition is doing and how they are presenting themselves on the platform. This can give you potentially ideas for how to differentiate yourself from them on the platform and do what they are doing better.
  6. As part of having a business page on LinkedIn you also get access to the following features which you can use to understand your audience on the platform a lot more. You can see how engaged your audience has been on your pages posts, you can see the demographics of your followers and where they come from as well as the traffic your page gets as a whole and the activity taken on your business page.
  7. The platforms also a great place for researching your market and seeing what’s trending and what important figures are speaking about. If you can find out about the latest trends early and then take advantage of them before your competition does, then your going to be at a competitive advantage.
  8. LinkedIn posts and articles will also rank highly in search engines like Bing and Google too so by posting out more on the platform your likely to improve your organic ranking for the terms that you want in the search engines and be more likely to get your content seen by the viewers that you want to see your content and therefore potentially attract new customers.
  9. LinkedIn is also a great place for you to gain credibility, this is through the recommendations feature that you can get on a personal profile. If you are the head of your company this can be very advantageous as it’s almost like getting recommendations for your business and a testament to your business and how good it is at what it does.

Hopefully this has given you just a few reasons to justify using LinkedIn as a part of your business. Hopefully we can connect on the platform with you soon.

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