Why Should Pinterest Be Included in Your Marketing Strategy?

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media sites in the world at present boasting 422 million monthly active users acording to Pinterest’s most recent quarterly results for Q3 2020. View the quarterly results here. Although it isn’t necessarily on level with Facebook in terms of user accounts, the platform is showing really impressive growth in terms of it’s user base with a 37% increase on it’s 322 million users recorded on the platform back in Q3, 2019. Their growth as a platform has specifically come from international markets where their user base grew 46% between Q3 2019 and Q3 2020 from 235 million up to 343 million.

Of Pinterest’s 422 million users we are presented with a very interesting statistic and that is of the gender makeup of the platform. This is the fact that 81% of all Pinterest users are female. So for products and services where your business serves a female demographic of customers, Pinterest is a platform you need to ensure you are putting a lot of effort into building a presence on. Furthermore, it can be seen that in terms of demographics Pinterest users have higher incomes. This can be seen through the following statistics: half of Pinterest users make $50,000 per year or more, 40% of users have a yearly house hold income of over $100,000, 10% of households on the platform earn more than $125,000.

If you have a product that you want to get discovered, Pinterest is certainly going to be a platform that you’ll want to use. In terms of product discovery some important statistics from Pinterest that you’ll want to know. Over 3 in 4 weekly users of the platform (around 77%) have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest. As well as this 98% of Pinterest users have reported that they are trying new things that they find on Pinterest. So this shows that the platform is a really great place to introduce your product to get discovered especially if it’s a new and innovative product as users are open to trying new things that they find from the platform.

One statistic that should sway the balance on you including Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy is that more than 87% of Pinterest users have brought a product through the platform and furthermore 93% of platform users have used Pinterest to plan their future purchases. This can be explained by the fact that a lot of the user base of Pinterest hold an emotional connection to the platform and tend to use it for both aspirational and motivational purposes. So for example, creating boards for ideas of housing interiors with pieces of furniture etc. or different luxury items and pieces of clothing to purchase. If you can get your product on Pinterest and can present it in a way to users that will make them want to include it as part of their boards then you could be in for a real chance of driving a great amount of revenue to your business thanks to the platform. Following on from the fact that Pinterest influences purchase intentions, it has also been found that the average order value from a user on Pinterest is 13% higher on average than other social media platforms. This could potentially mean you’ll have a unique opportunity with Pinterest users to present marketing strategies to them to increase your order value for example with special deals for larger quantity orders or purchasing multiple different products in one order.

Another important statistic that should sway the balance on your business making a move to using Pinterest is the fact that 5% of all referal traffic to websites comes from Pinterest, this is second to Facebook who drive 25% of all referral traffic. However, the fact that Pinterest refers more traffic than the likes of platforms such as Twitter and Reddit is a testament to the fact that the platform is a really strong one to use that will have a great chance of benefitting your business.

Pinterest can also be a great source of inbound links for your website. Despite the fact that the links are “nofollow” links meaning they may not necessarily help your websites SEO strategies any link to your business can be valuable as it’s a sources of traffic for you! Every user counts.

Hopefully this post has showed you just a few important reasons and statistics behind why you need to include Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy. It’s such a great platform that if used right can bring huge benefits and opportunities to drive revenue to your business.

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