The Cryo-Lounge


  • Creation of a website with Booking System with Online Payment Functionality for Cryotherapy Business

What We Did

The Cryo-Lounge got in touch with us in February 2019 a few months before their anticipated launch in May 2019 and set us the task of building them out a website to firstly advertise our their Cryotherapy services as well as also allowing customers to book their appointments online too.  They also requested functionality on the website to allow people to pay online for ease of business as well as a coupon code feature to allow them to run promotions.

We designed and built the website in quick time for The Cryo-Lounge and it was ready in plenty of time for the launch.  The website has a clean look that works well with the companies branding and is simple and easy to navigate.  The booking system was setup as a simple and easy to use platform and includes the required integrations.  Customers can now make payments online for their services through PayPal and also use discount codes made available.

Another great job completed by our Web Development team and we look forward to working with The Cryo-Lounge again in the future.