How To Make Use of Facebook’s Call to Action Button

Facebook continues to add amazing capabilities to Facebook pages with powerful updates for their business users.  One of these added capabilities from their updates is the Call to Action button – a key feature for brands and businesses which will allow them to drive more traffic from their Facebook pages to actions to they want their users to take.

There are plenty of different call to action buttons for you to choose on to meet your businesses needs and to suit what actions you are looking for Facebook Users to take.

Here are some examples of what the Facebook Call-to-Action button looks like:

Only the admins of the page are able to add a specific Call-to-Action button as per their choice and it is able to be edited at any time as well as be deleted by just hovering over the button and selecting “Edit Call-To-Action” or “Delete Call-To-Action”.  Through Facebook Insights, they show how many people have clicked on the Call-to-Action button.

Have you added a Call-To-Action button yet to your businesses Facebook page?  If you haven’t don’t worry.   You can check out Facebook’s page on How to add a call-to-action button to your page.

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