About Us

Welcome to Build Your Presence

Who Are We

We are a digital marketing agency specialising in helping businesses to build their presence online.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses of all sizes across the world market themselves on the internet in order to bring them more customers.

What We Do

We work with businesses to expand their marketing efforts on the internet through building digital assets to increase awareness.

Our history

Build Your Presence was founded in 2019 by James Wigglesworth with the aim to provide businesses of all sizes with services to help them tackle the daunting task of building assets online to market their businesses and generate more clients.

Our 6 Step Process


Set Expectations

We clearly set our intentions to our clients and set expectations for both parties


Gather Assets

Now we gather all necessary assets in order to commence work.


Create Content

Once assets are gathered we begin creating content for distribution across platforms.


Strategy Session

We now sit down together with our client and come up with a plan to execute, which the client will then approve.



Now we set into motion the plan that we have put together.



We now monitor, report to the client on a regular basis and repeat successful actions.

Why choose us?

Our experienced design team will create the highest quality informative and engaging content for you to place on your digital assets or distribute across social media platforms.

We use our number of years of experience in marketing on the internet to your businesses advantage by helping you to avoiding the learning curve and execute the best strategies to reach your businesses goals of building its presence on the internet.

Every action we take moves us towards the result that we have agreed to achieve with our client when we first have have our strategy session at the start of our working relationship.

Throughout our working relationship, we provide constant help and support to our clients.  Explaining in a clear and easy to understand manner what we are executing and how it is benefitting our client’s businesses.

Would you like to start building your presence with us?

Get in contact with us today to organise a strategy session so we can start to build your presence online.