6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Twitter

Twitter may not be the biggest of all social media platforms and certainly may not be the platform that it once was. However, it is still an important platform that all businesses should be making use of to market themselves as well as for interacting and engaging with their customers. In the points below, I hope to make you understand some of the reasons why your business should start using Twitter as a platform for making or to restart/start using Twitter as more as a platform as part of your business.

  1. It’s a Great Place to Connect with Your Customer Base – The way Twitter works it makes it so easy for you to connect with your customer base on social media. They can easily send tweets to you and your business to view and you can easily respond to them. Through this it is a great way to build a community of followers through the interaction and connections you are building up from engaging and communicating with your customers.
  2. You Can Use It as a Transparent Platform for Customer Service/Support – Due to everyone being able to see Tweets by searching for tweets with your business name in or twitter handle in it is a very transparent platform. Your business could for instance use Twitter as a customer service/support platform, it encourages openness and using a public platform for it will give them the reassurance that their problems will get resolved.
  3. Brand Awareness – One of the main purposes of all businesses using social media is to build greater brand awareness through the use of social media and this is something that Twitter easily allows you to do. You can easily use Twitter search to find people who are tweeting about topics and subjects that are relating to your business and what it does and therefore making it easier for you to find more people who would be interested in what your business does. Furthermore, when making tweets, you can easily make use of relevant hashtags in your tweets to drive some organic traffic on the platform so that people can find you when they are searching for different terms on Twitter search.
  4. Website Traffic – In turn with brand awareness you can use your tweets that you put out to promote links to pages on your websites that either provide value to your customers in terms of them being able to learn more about your business and what it does or an actual product page of what you are selling, therefore meaning it should help you to increase your sales by using the platform
  5. Easy Way to Stay Up to Date With Your Competition – Most businesses these days are making use of social media and in this case twitter so it is a platform that you can use to check in with them on to see how their customers are communicating with them, what positive feedback they are getting, but also what negative feedback they are getting which your business could then use as a way for improving your products and services and ensuring your always head and shoulders above what your competition provides.
  6. It’s Free – Social media is free for businesses to use to promote themselves, so there is no reason your business should at least try experimenting with Twitter to see if it is a platform that will work for your business which if done correctly and frequently it should be!!

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