3 Ways to Use Instagram Stories

One important features to make use of when build your presence on Instagram is the stories feature. A feature that they arguably copied from snapchat, however, a feature which people do enjoy using and is a great place for people to consume content and businesses and brands to tell their stories.

As a business or brand, you may still be unsure of ways you can use Instagram stories in order to create engaging meaningful content for your audience, so here are 3 ways to use Instagram stories:

  1. A Day in The Life – You can make use of Instagram stories to take your audience on a behind the scenes view of what goes on with your business each day to provide the services that you provide for your clients or in the case of if you’re a personal brand, give them a greater idea of what goes on in your life everyday.  This can really help you to connect with your audience/clients/potential clients as you’re getting more personal with them on what you’re doing on a daily basis. Furthermore, it can help them to build even more trust in your brand.
  2. Get Insights from your Audience – One of the most important things I think businesses and brands need to get better at doing is listening and talking directly to their audience.  A lot of brands and businesses just focus on the amount of followers that they have, that what they believe the X-Factor is.  I believe the X-Factor is having an engaged audience that trusts you.  Instagram stories is a great way to start getting an engaged audience that trusts you because you can asking for feedback, which they can give private responses to with a private direct message.  So you could use this strategy if you are looking for a way to gain some insights from your audience, find out what they want more of from your brand and business and how you can better serve them in the future.  It’s a great way to help create a better customer experience in the long term.
  3. DIY or Tutorials – If you are in a profession where you do things for people/provide a service for, you could use Instagram Stories to post short tutorials on how they could do these sort of things themselves, not to the point where they don’t require them, but to a point where you are helping them out and providing them value.

One key to remember when it comes to Instagram Stories overall is that just like snapchat stories is that they only last for 24 hours, so you need to ensure that content posted is kept fresh and fun, whilst still being valuable and entertaining.

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