3 Strategies For Tracking Online Advertising to Offline Conversions

Not all businesses are selling their products on the internet. The majority of local businesses are selling their products in their location, so if they are using online advertising methods such as social media, email marketing campaigns etc. they need a way to be able to track these in order to understand the ROI they are getting. Here are a few strategies you can use to track and understand the ROI you are getting from your online advertising:

  1. Use Coupons People Can Bring To Your Location – The simplest way by which you track online marketing campaigns into offline sales is to base you ad campaign on a redeemable coupon that someone can sign up for, print and and bring to your location in person to redeem for the likes of a discount or a free item. So for example if you are a restaurant, you could advertise based around a 10% off coupon that leads can print off and bring in store to redeem for money off their bill. It’s a really simple and easy way to track online advertising to off-line conversions
  2. Call Tracking – Using call tracking solutions allows each customer to be assigned a unique phone number, so leads and sales can be assigned to site visitors who pick up the phone to book up something with your business. These solutions allow you to look at page visits and keyword referral and more than anything understand which marketing campaigns their phone calls are coming from. Therefore this is a great method for businesses who are running an ad campaign that requires the buyer to phone up the business itself and book in a service or purchase over the phone.
  3. Simply Asking The Customer How They Heard of You – If you don’t use the above you can simply just ask customers how they heard of you when they come to buy from you at your location. It won’t give you amazingly detailed information but you can still get an understanding of how and where they heard about your business online.

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